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IMG_4506editBenefits verification can be a cumbersome task. Countless minutes and hours go into securing the information that makes a patient’s trip to the doctor run as smoothly as it can. Sanova Dermatology’s benefits coordinator Tara is an extremely diligent worker. She spends her days calmly and efficiently phoning the insurance companies to ensure that all information is confirmed prior to the patient’s visit. Also, Tara gives the office a much-needed laugh and her beautiful smile! Read below to find out what drives her, and how her experience with Sanova Dermatology is a bit more personal than you may think!

What were you first impressions after beginning your job at Sanova Dermatology?

My first impression was, honestly, how nice and warm everyone here truly is. Everyone was so very helpful, and the office is a lot of fun!  It’s a great atmosphere to work in.

How do you view Dermatology differently now that you are part of the team?

I knew NOTHING about Dermatology before I started here (I washed my face with my body wash… haha!) Working here has given me a lot of insight on what I should be doing to take care of my skin and to prevent problems I could face in the future.

You’ve had a personal experience with skin cancer?  How does that change your experience of working at Sanova Dermatology?

My father had skin cancer, so this field is very personal to me. It was an eye-opening experience when I started here.  I had no clue that our office did surgeries and MOHS procedures in-office . I Had no clue we had an Aesthetician on staff, and was clueless on the amount of cosmetic procedures we do. Knowing what I know now makes me feel very proud to be a part of Dr. Mamelak and Dr. Hansons team because they are saving lives.  Im honored to work in this field given what I went through with my dads battle with Basal Cell Carcinoma (read more about this in “As Simple As A Mole | Tara’s Story).

What is one piece of advice you would like to share regarding taking care of your skin and health?

If you have a problem area or concern, get it looked at.  It could be nothing or it really could be something that needs to be removed or treated ASAP.  Life is too precious.  Please do not wait!

What is your favorite part of your job?

 I love that I stay very busy all day! I love when I get the chance to speak with patients about their insurance. Since insurance can be quite difficult to understand, anytime I get to explain it better to a patient is always nice.  I enjoy everyone I work with so it’s very nice to come to Sanova every day.

How would you like to grow at Sanova Dermatology?

 I like that our clinic is growing and so that does mean expansion within the office.  This is a clinic I can see myself at  long term and I look forward to growing with it as it grows.

Tell us a bit more about your home life!

I have two kids, Marques age 7 and Ellody age 5.  They keep me on my toes and are little balls of joy.  We try to stay busy whether we are catching a movie, going to the park, sporting events for the kids, or just at home.  My husbands name is Dominik and we have been together for 9 years.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I honestly do not have much free time as I do work a weekend job at Rock Springs Behavior Health Hospital.  So my free time is quite precious to me, and I like to spend it with my kids and husband.
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