If you're looking to "age gracefully," then Sculptra® Aesthetic could be ideal for you.

sculptra-logo1-300x122Collagen is an essential element of your skin, a fibrous protein that keeps it smooth and youthful-looking by providing its internal structure. But your body produces less collagen as you age, resulting in decreased volume, creases, folds in the skin. Sculptra® Aesthetic is a dermal filler that gradually corrects wrinkles by boosting collagen production and refining your skin.

Sculptra®, FDA-approved and in use since 1999, is formulated from poly-L-lactic acid, a biocompatible synthetic material used for decades in the medical field. It helps replace collagen within the deep layers of the skin’s dermis. Sculptra® is not a quick fix. It enhances your appearance naturally, gradually, and beautifully over time as collagen production increases. And the results are long-lasting – up to three years in some studies.

Sculptra® Procedure

Once you and your Sculptra®-trained dermatologist have determined that Sculptra® Aesthetic is right for you, you’ll set up a customized plan to meet your cosmetic goals. This usually consists of a series of injection sessions, about three, over a period of several months. Treatment will address chin wrinkles, folds between the nose and corners of the mouth (“laugh lines”), wrinkles that frame your mouth (“marionette lines”), cheeks, and temples. Allergy testing is not needed since Sculptra® does not contain human- or animal-derived ingredients, and treatments take only a few minutes. Your doctor will talk with you about the possibility of minor, temporary side-effects and after-care to minimize discomfort.


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