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Why It’s iS Clinical Fire & Ice Facial Season!

June and July remind us of all that we were missing in January and February. Summer is the time, as the band Loverboy has been reminding us since 1981, that “Everybody’s working for the weekend.” Saturday dawns and outcome the beach towels, the sunglasses, the rafts, the paperback, and the sunscreen. What a better way to spend the weekend than poolside reclined in a chaise lounge. You get in an out of the water, each dip feeling better than the last, and reapply suntan lotion each time, so much to the point where your face looks as if you are an actor auditioning for a role in Kabuki theater. Yet, while the warm sun works its magic to rid your face of its wintry pallor and bring it back to the healthy golden hue of summer privilege, all that pool chlorine, sunshine, and sunscreen are working hard to bring down your summer high. But all you need is a little extra TLC.

“Now is the time for facials that combine the best of summer and winter: iS Clinical Fire and Ice Facial,” shares Emily Rodrigues, licensed medical aesthetician and certified laser technician at Sanova Dermatology – Bee Cave & Lakeway in Austin, Texas. No wonder this is the summer-facial favorite of the Hollywood crowd who like to spend their summer days in the water and beneath the sun just as much as you. Accordingly, the iS Clinical Fire & Ice Facial, created at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, has become the go-to facial for the entertainment industry.

What Is the iS Clinical Fire & Ice Facial?

Imagine the perfect climate where the daytime high is 78 degrees and the nighttime low is in 62 degrees. You have the both of both worlds: mild summer and mild winter. “The iS Clinical Fire & Ice Facial is kind of the same thing, a rejuvenating treatment that serves as both a mild facial and an invasive peel,” says Rodrigues.

Here’s How It Works

  • Fire: A clinically formulated intensive resurfacing masque gets applied to your face. You will soon smell cinnamon followed by a slight tingle on your face, and that’s when you know the fire is working
  • Ice: Next comes a rejuvenating mask (we’re talking things like aloe vera gel, Japanese green tea extracts, licorice extracts, grape seed extracts, and rosemary extracts, to name a few). The pampering begins as the ice cools the fire and a peel follows that leaves your skin glowing with the radiance of a Greek island sunset.

Who Else Is Doing It?

If you watched the Oscars this year, well, pretty much every actress you saw sauntering down the red carpet. If you wondered how they had such a glowing, rosy complexion in the first week of March, well, it the iS Clinical Fire & Ice Facial

Why Is the iS Clinical Fire & Ice Facial the Facial of the Year?

  • Your skin resurfaces and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Your blocked pores will get a deep clean.
  • Your skin gets a boost in natural collagen production.
  • Your skin won’t suffer from any downtime: no shedding; no long periods of redness; and no inflammation or irritation
  • Your bank account will thank you: the facial only costs between $150-$200.