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Chemical Peels

Administered by our skilled and experienced skin care professionals, facial peels safely improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, acne and acne scars, and dark spots on the skin. Even rough skin and a dull complexion can benefit from a chemical peel. Peels are most often used on the face, but the neck, chest, and hands can also be treated to refine skin texture and tone, and even out coloration. Chemical peels can be superficial (a light treatment impacting the topmost layers of skin), medium, or deep. Sanova Dermatology performs light and medium peels at their Austin, Texas skin care center.

Chemical Peel Procedure

A facial peel uses glycolic acid (found naturally in sugar crops), salicylic acid (which comes from willow bark), and/or other specially formulated solutions to remove layers of skin.

You’ll start with a consultation so your dermatologist may understand your goals and examine your skin. Your peel session begins by making sure you are comfortable, and prepping the area to be treated. The peeling solution is applied and your progress is continually monitored. The peel will be removed at precisely the right time to ensure the results you desire. Cool compresses might be used to soothe your skin, if necessary, and a mild, hypoallergenic cream or lotion may be applied.


As you heal, within a week for a superficial treatment, one to two weeks for a medium peel, you’ll see lovely new skin emerge. We provide instruction on how to care for your skin following treatment –cleansing, what products to use, sun protection, avoiding smoking, and advice on when you may begin wearing make-up. The duration of your results depends on how you care for your skin and environmental factors.

The procedure is very safe, and has been in use for more than five decades. By following the instructions we provide, there is little risk of side effects.

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Contact Sanova Dermatology if you want to erase fine lines and wrinkles; get rid of age spots, blotchy skin, and discoloration; refine texture and scarring; improve your skin tone or simply perk up a dull complexion.