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Hand Rejuvenation

Time on your hands? Or maybe more like the hands of time? We greet people with our hands as much as we do our smile. So why shouldn’t our hands look just as bright?

The hands can tell a lot about a person. Whether it’s a strong handshake or a soft touch, we also need to recognize how our hands brave the elements. For us non-glove wearers, the hands are exposed to the sun and environment day in and day out. And while so much of the esthetic industry focuses on facial rejuvenation, it’s time we gave ourselves a ‘hand’ in other areas!

Until recently, hand rejuvenation focused on sun spots, freckles and liver spots that arose on the surface of the skin. And while a number of cosmetic therapies and laser rejuvenation treatments are available to effectively treat these discolorations, only recently have physicians turned their attention to the volume issue.

Hand Rejuvenation in Pflugerville, TX

Hand Rejuvenation Process

Our hands lose volume similar to the areas on our face. This decreased volume and hollows and skin laxity that come with it have a different effect on our hands, making the bones and veins prominent. Also similar to other areas, the decreased volume we observe in the hands is due to a decrease in collagen and hyaluronic acid in the skin. Hyaluronic acid is a sugar that is naturally found in all of our skin.

The physicians at Sanova Dermatology restore this lost volume and finally give the hands the attention they deserve. By using hyaluronic acid dermal fillers the skin on the hands can be re-volumized and recapture their full, youthful appearance. The procedure simply adds more of this natural hyaluronic acid sugar back to the skin. Often the Austin dermatologists will use specialized cannulas to ensure perfect placement of the filler, to minimize side effects and obtain the absolute best results.

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