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Mohs Surgery Reconstruction

After you undergo Mohs surgery, you can be assured that the chance of the skin cancer coming back is less than 1%. However, while the Mohs procedure completely removes the skin cancer, it will leave a defect or hole in the skin at the site of the surgery. The next step of the procedure then begins. In this reconstructive phase, the Mohs surgeon will determine the best way to repair your defect giving you superior cosmetic results. Dr. Mamelak has exceptional expertise in reconstruction of the skin, especially in facial regions. He will employ sophisticated reconstructive techniques for natural esthetic results with minimal scarring.

Mohs Surgery Reconstruction in Pflugerville, TX

Often, there are five primary ways to repair the skin after your Mohs procedure:

  1. Allowing the skin to heal naturally
  2. Closing the skin in a simple line
  3. Move and stretch skin from the surrounding area to cover the defect
  4. Use a piece of skin from another area of your body (ex. behind the ear) to cover the defect like a patch – a skin graft closure
  5. A combination of the above techniques

Dr. Mamelak selects the methods that will give you best cosmetic result. His attention to detail and meticulous approach ensures that this repaired skin matches the thickness, color, and texture of the surrounding skin, leaving minimal if any scarring.

Skin can take over 6-12 months to heal completely after surgery. However, with the right reconstructive technique, you can achieve remarkable visual resolution of scars within six weeks or less.

Dr. Mamelak is well recognized for his skills as a reconstructive surgeon. He has trained other physicians, lectured internationally on the subject, and published many of his techniques in medical journals.

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