August 2013

Using Social Media to Improve Patient Education

In a recent series on a business communications blog, “Common Sense,” Dr. Adam Mamelak was revealed to be the #1 most active dermatologist in the United States discussing skin cancer on social media. Of all doctors engaging the online community in discussions about skin cancer, the blog post noted Dr. Mamelak is still on top, as the second most active Continue reading

New topical treatment for Actinic Keratosis now available

As young adults we often overlook the damage the sun can do to our skin. Overtime, however, the ongoing exposure to ultraviolet light can take its toll on our skin. We hear a lot about skin cancer, but often there are warning signs before these skin tumors develop. Rough, scaly red brown spots often come up in chronically sun exposed Continue reading

What Is The Recovery Time After A Chemical Peel?

We all want glowing, healthy looking skin, but can’t always afford the downtime associated with laser or some of the more aggressive cosmetic procedure. “Let’s be realistic,” says dermatologist Dr. Adam Mamelak from Sanova Dermatology in Ausitn, “not all of us can afford to take a few weeks off to recover.” A common question asked when patients are considering getting Continue reading

Product Review: PCA Skin Peptide Lip Therapy for dry and chapped lips

Are your lips feeling dry and dull? Do you suffer from chronically chapped or peeling lips? Has Accutane taken the lush out of your lips? “Lip balms and petroleum jelly can certainly help with dry and chapped lips,” says dermatologist Dr. Miriam Hanson, “but sometimes we need to find other ways to moisturize and boost the hydration even more.” PCA Continue reading

Metabolic syndrome: could psoriasis be related to obesity, heart disease and diabetes?

In a revealing new study, researchers found that the inflammatory skin disease called psoriasis and obesity may not be mutually exclusive. There have actually been several studies pointing out the correlation between individuals with psoriasis, especially severe psoriasis, and obesity. In fact, associations between psoriasis and obesity, heart disease, and diabetes mellitus have been noted in the medical literature. The Continue reading

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