July 2013

Self Tanners and Sunless Tanners: Color without the Consequence!

It’s that time of year and everyone’s looking for that warm summer glow. But it’s no secret that excessive sun exposure only damages the skin. It’s true, there’s no such thing as a healthy tan, but pale doesn’t always equal pasty! If you’re looking for the tanned look without the risks, consider a sunless tanning lotion or spray. Without the Continue reading

How Do You Treat Hand Dermatitis and Hand Eczema?

Hand Dermatitis & Hand Eczema Itchy palms, peeling fingers, fissures and red flaky skin. Rashes on the hands usually result from a combination of (1) sensitive skin and (2) irritation or allergy from materials touched. Not everybody gets Hand Dermatitis (also known as Hand Eczema). Many lucky persons have “tough” skin, but unfortunately, some people have skin that is sensitive Continue reading

What is the best way to use Spray-on Sunscreen?

Spray-on sunscreen is a great way to protect your self from the sun, but there are a few unique things about these products that you need to remember to ensure you get the best protection. Use more than you think. A number of studies have shown people under-apply spray-on sunscreen. In doing so, they don’t get enough protection and run Continue reading

Patch testing can determine if your eczema due to a skin allergy

Patch testing is used to determine if a patient’s itching, rash or eczema is due to a specific allergy to something he or she is applying to the skin or coming in contact with. This type of eczema is called Allergic Contact Dermatitis. There are literally thousands of chemicals that can cause contact dermatitis, and found in virtually every corner Continue reading

Have You Heard of the Non-Surgical Nose Job?

Bumps, humps, hooks, crooks, unwanted curves and points – a surgical nose job, or rhinoplasty as it is referred to in medical circles, is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures in the United States. While highly effective and offering superior aesthetic outcomes, the procedure entails a general anesthesia and a long recovery time, with wound care, bandages and bruising, Continue reading

What is the recovery time after blepharoplasty eyelid surgery

While minimally invasive injections and fillers are all the rage, bepharoplasty remains one of the most effective surgical techniques for eyelid rejuvenation. All too often though, the thought of surgery conjures up images of extensive bruising and bandages, as well as prolonged recovery times. Who can afford to miss work? How could you explain this kind of leave of absence. Continue reading

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