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Pumpkins: A Skin Care Trick That Will Treat Your Skin

Ghosts and goblins, cobwebs and tombstones. It’s Halloween again, and more than all those spooky decorations, pumpkins prevail! In fact, pumpkins are everywhere: decorating your house, carved with spooky or funny faces on your porch, or baked in just about anything...

What Exactly is an SPF?

SPF, or Sun Protection Factor, refers to the time it takes your skin to get a burn from the sun when wearing sunscreen, compared to the time it would take you to burn when not wearing sunscreen. For example, if it takes you 450 minutes to burn while you are wearing...

The Hat is Back!

Texans have known about the benefits of wearing a hat since the days of the cowboy. And, now the hat is back, with celebs and fashionistas showing how to wear them right! Wide brimmed hats can offer better protection for your skin that sunscreen. Plus, they can...