Using Social Media to Improve Patient Education


In a recent series on a business communications blog, “Common Sense,” Dr. Adam Mamelak was revealed to be the #1 most active dermatologist in the United States discussing skin cancer on social media. Of all doctors engaging the online community in discussions about skin cancer, the blog post noted Dr. Mamelak is still on top, as the second most active doctor overall. The statistics, which were broken down by the type of cancer being discussed, showed that aside from dermatologists and surgeons, active participants in these conversations also include family doctors and pediatricians, often encouraging the use of sunscreen. Dr. Mamelak frequently posts information on his Twitter page regarding skin cancer prevention, helpful tips for sun protection, and valuable statistics and information for people who may be at risk. The article notes that the social media conversations about skin cancer are mostly dominated by dermatologists, so we are proud to see Dr. Mamelak as such an active participant, leading the way and setting an example for other dermatologists and doctors to keep patients well-informed through the use of social media. He says he believes that using social media channels to spread an important message allows him to reach more people and help them to live happier, healthier lives.

To learn more about skin cancer prevention, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Mamelak, please contact Sanova Dermatology today.

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