Cold Sores

What is a cold sore?

Many individuals in the United States have suffered from cold sores at some point in their life. “These outbreaks can be severe and affect activities of daily life,” explains Emily Johnston, dermatology physician assistant at Sanova Dermatology in Austin, Texas. It is important to understanding the appearance and cause of cold sores to help prevent further spread and to understand Continue reading

Herpes Simplex: 6 Ways To Combat Cold Sores

Cold sores, fever blisters, oral herpes simplex – call them what you will. These viral infections cause eruptions of sores and blisters on the lips and around the mouth that can be quite painful to those affected. “While they can be associated with stress, trauma, decreased immunity or another inciting factors, more often than not the breakouts are unpredictable,” says Continue reading

Is A ViPeel Right For Me?

Many dermatologic procedures can have certain restrictions based on a patient’s skin-type or underlying medical condition. Here are common questions in relation to having a ViPeel treatment for tone and texture improvement. I Have Acne, Is ViPeel Right For Me? There are a number of ingredients and active agents in ViPeel which combine to offer great results for many types Continue reading

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