December 2014

FDA Approves New Drug For Advanced Melanoma

The FDA has released a press statement on Opdivo (nivolumab)for advanced Melanoma skin cancer this past week. The FDA  indicated that they have granted accelerated approval for this medication. This means patients will be have access to this medication at an earlier date than previously expected. “This is very promising information,” states Dr. Adam Mamelak, a board-certified Dermatologist in Austin, Texas. Continue reading

Is Skin Cancer An Occupational Hazard?

Work place injuries typically involve some sort of trauma, like a fall or being cut, or even being exposed to a chemical or caustic substance. But ever think skin cancer could be included in the category of occupational hazards?  There are plenty of job that require outdoor work: farming, truck driving, landscaping, construction, lifeguards and more. Outdoor workers are exposed Continue reading

Pearly Penile Papules

When dealing with sensitive areas, it can be a bit concerning when you find something that you may believe is “out of the norm”. Skin lesions that develop, especially in the male genital area can cause a great deal of anxiety and self-consciousness. Men often will visit their doctor concerned about a sexually transmitted disease, but that is not always Continue reading

What To Expect During Your Micro-Needling Procedure

Are you still not sure what exactly micro-needling does to the skin? Micro-needling is a great option when looking to restore elasticity to the skin and improve complexion. Whether it be acne scarring, skin laxity, or unwanted lines and wrinkles,the collagen boosting effects of micro-needling can be just what you need! Micro-needling uses tiny acupuncture-like needles to create miniature perforations in Continue reading

The Facts About Cautery and Electrodessication in Dermatology

You can see it in just about every dermatology office. Most patients know if by its high pitched “beep” and unfortunate smell that follows treatment. So it’s quite natural to wonder: What is that cautery machine and what does it do? Cauterization involves the burning of part of the body in attempts to remove or destroy a benign or malignant Continue reading

I have a numb spot on my skin after Mohs surgery

After successfully removing skin cancer from your body by the Mohs surgery, patients often feel a large wave of relief. With an over 99% cure rate, Mohs surgery is indeed considered a gold standard for the treatment of basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, some melanomas, and a variety of other skin tumors and malignancies. Like all surgeries, however, Mohs Continue reading

How Belotero Can Help Your Lip Lines

“Belotero is a specialized type of dermal filler,” states Dr. Miriam Hanson, a board-certified Cosmetic Dermatologist in Austin, Texas. Belotero has been specifically designed to help rid the skin of very fine lines. “By strategically using the Belotero, you are able to plump up those lines that are too fine for the more robust fillers, like Juvederm, Restylane or Radiesse.” This Continue reading

What Is An Epidermoid Cyst?

A new growth, bump, or mole on the skin can certainly be concerning.  But not all growths are signs of skin cancer. Epidermal inclusion cysts, sometimes referred to as sebaceous cysts, usually appear as under-the-skin circular bumps or nodules that tend to be painless. Cysts often appear on the face, neck, or trunk of the body, and are not usually Continue reading

Employee Spotlight | Phone Nurse Aime!

Sanova Dermatology’s triage nurse Aime is always on a call… literally! Whether it be regarding patient questions, prescriptions, or Accutane, she balances it all with grace and a positive attitude. Her ability to multitask and always smile is missed by no one! We asked Aime a few questions regarding her thoughts, opinions, and what it’s like to have multiple Aimes Continue reading

Keep Your Skin Merry & Bright This Holiday Season

It is easy to get carried away with shopping, family, and work during the holidays. But, it is important to not let that get in the way of taking care of yourself and your skin! Here are a few tips to keep your skin merry and bright during the holidays! Moisturize “Moisturizing is the #1 way to keep your skin Continue reading

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