October 2014

4 Halloween Skin Tips!

Halloween festivities are in full ‘moon’! But as you dawn your cat ears or transform yourself into a creature from another planet, beware of skin irritations due to fabrics, makeup, or treats. 1. If you wouldn’t wear it normally, don’t make a Halloween exception! We don’t mean to deter you from being Ironman or a Pretty Kitty, but when it Continue reading

Are All Moles The Same?

The word “mole” can mean different things to different people. Often this term is used to describe a beauty mark or dark spot on the skin. In these situations, a mole represents a collection of specialized pigmented cells called nevus cells. These cells are arranged in groups, or “nests” just under the skin. “Exactly where and how deep under the skin these Continue reading

Who Is Not A Candidate For Mohs Surgery?

Mohs Micrographic Surgery has become a gold standard for removing skin cancer from the body with exceedingly high cure rates. However, it may not always be possible. There are certain situations where other treatment options for skin cancer treatment might be recommended. “There are actually a number of ways to treat skin cancer,” explains Dr. Adam Mamelak, a board-certified Dermatologist Continue reading

How is Asclera used for the treatment of Spider Veins on the Legs?

Spider veins are dilated broken blood vessels that most typically appear on the lower legs over time. There are a number of reasons why spider veins develop, and thankfully, a number of treatments available. Sclerotherapy is one of the oldest and tried-tested ways for treated unwanted superficial blood vessels on the legs. Sclerotherapy involves injecting a specialized solution (“sclerosant”) into Continue reading

The Modern Man, Cosmetic Dermatology & Brotox

GQ magazine has touched on a very common issue with men “of a certain age”. Growing older is often associated with aches, pains, an inability to rebound and now, a lack of testosterone. Paired with that comes an issue of questioned self-worth and self-esteem. Men have started to take more of an initiative to take the plunge into vitamins and cosmetic Continue reading

Anagen Effluvium

There are a number of reasons why you can lose your hair. An underlying health issues, a genetic predisposition, stress or any combination of these can play a role. A common scenario where people lose hair occurs with chemotherapy treatment, such as that given for the treatment of breast cancer. Dealing with cancer is a major struggle where even the Continue reading

Will Insurance Cover My Mohs Surgery Procedure?

When preparing to have your skin cancer removed by Mohs Micrographic Surgery, the cost can be an important thing to think about. Health insurance can be quite tricky, and it is very important to be aware of the potential cost of your medical procedure. “Mohs surgery is in fact considered a medical procedure,” says Dr. Adam Mamelak, board certified dermatologist Continue reading

Skin Diet: Mini Bell Pepper Salad

Bell peppers are home to many antioxidants, which are fantastic for warding off free radicals that will compromise the integrity of your skins tone and texture. This delicious recipe can not only fill your stomach, but offer you nutrients that protect your skin! Mini Bell Pepper Salad Ingredients: 1 lb sweet multi-colored mini bell peppers1/2 of a medium sweet onion or purple onion, Continue reading

Austin City Limits | Tips To Avoid Heat…Rash

ACL has been an Austin staple for 12 years, and it will be making waves again these next few weeks. With the plethora of new and classic music comes a plethora of music fans. This mixed with the Texas heat can lead to the condition commonly known as “Heat Rash”. “Heat Rash” is actually an alternate name for Miliaria, which Continue reading

Employee Spotlight: Mallory!

Mallory could be considered a Jacqueline of all trades at Sanova Dermatology! She originated as an Administrative Assistant, helping with the scheduling and check-ins/outs. She has since then moved to the back as a Medical Assistant and continuously blows us away with her knowledge and patience! She has the ambition to become a Physician Assistant and plans to attend PA school Continue reading

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