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The Psychological Effects of Acne

We all understand that feeling of looking in the mirror and seeing that spot on our face. It’s there, and we don’t know how long it will take for it to go away. These spots also pop up when you wish they wouldn’t, not that anyone would want them at any time. Acne, for many, is a fleeting annoyance that does not linger for too long. But for some, Acne can have a significant physical and emotional impact.

Acne is often viewed as a ‘right or passage’, part of growing up, or something that happens and we just have to deal with until it goes away. But often not talked about are the effects acne has on quality of life.

Acne is well known to effect self-esteem and lower one’s confidence. The emotional vulnerability acne causes can have a significant social and psychological impact on one’s life. Studies have shown that not only is one less likely to feel happy or content, but they are less likely to partake in eating out (Motley RJ, Finlay AY. How much disability is caused by acne? Clin Exp Dermatol 1989;14:194-8). These little changes in social patterns can lead to monumental changes over time, and can build bad habits that ultimately lead to the degradation of self-worth.

Along with less frequent dining out, acne can be linked less dating and socializing. Those who seldom go out are less likely to interact with a potential mate, and potentially may not participate in dating at all.

In addition to its impact on dating and socializing, acne can have broader consequences on various aspects of one’s life. Research has shown that individuals who struggle with acne may experience difficulties in their professional lives as well. The correlation between acne and poorer job performance has been documented, with studies indicating that the condition can directly affect one’s career prospects (Cunliffe WJ, 1986). This highlights the need for individuals with acne to seek effective solutions to manage their condition, not only for their personal well-being but also for their professional growth and success. To explore potential dating options and gain confidence, one might consider expanding their social circles and exploring different avenues such as find the perfect sugar daddy site, where they can connect with like-minded individuals who appreciate them beyond their physical appearance. Taking a proactive approach to address acne concerns can empower individuals to fully embrace their social and professional lives, leading to greater self-assurance and opportunities for meaningful connections.

The less social interactions are not restricted to dating. This extends to a variety of other activities, like participation in sports, which can lead to other physical consequences (Jowett S, Ryand T. Skin disease and handicap: an analysis of the impact of skin conditions. Soc Sci med 1985;20(4):425-9). Furthermore, acne has been linked to poorer job performance, directly effecting one’s career (Cunliffe WJ. Acne and unemployment. Br J Dermatol 1986;115:386).

The truth is, patients don’t have to suffer. There are a number of effective treatments available to control and treat acne.

Acne Facials

“There are quite a few options for those suffering with severe acne,” states Dr. Miriam Hanson, a board certified Dermatologist in Austin, TX. “Acne facials can help with scrubbing away dead skin cells and allow for a refreshing of the epidermal layer of skin.” During the facial, the face can be steamed allowing for extractions to unclog pores. This allows for the pores to have consistent cell regrowth, leaving the face with less skin cell build-up.

Acne Peels

Those looking for a greater impact have the option of looking into an Acne Peel. “Acne peels use salicylic and glycolic acid, which can help with reaching a bit deeper in the skin and have you shed the outer layer of skin,” says Dr. Hanson. “These are great for cell turnover and the opening of clogged pores.” This is also a great option for minimizing the aftermath of Acne as well. It can help with Scarring, Post Inflammatory Erythema and Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation.

Topical & Oral Therapies

For stubborn cases, a dermatologists can also prescribe a topical or oral antibiotic to attack the bacteria and lower in inflammation in the skin that might be contributing to your breakouts. These methods can be some of the most effective for those with severe acne. Accutane is another option that can often definitively treat Acne, and help restore of self-confidence and self-esteem.

After one has achieved success in ridding themselves of acne, there are also ways to treat acne scarring through laser resurfacing, as well as a number of other methods.

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