Is A ViPeel Right For Me?

Many dermatologic procedures can have certain restrictions based on a patient’s skin-type or underlying medical condition. Here are common questions in relation to having a ViPeel treatment for tone and texture improvement.

I Have Acne, Is ViPeel Right For Me?

vipeelproductsThere are a number of ingredients and active agents in ViPeel which combine to offer great results for many types of skin. “The retinoic acid in the ViPeel helps cleanse acne-prone skin, and is great for correcting pigment and improving tone associated with old blemishes in the skin,” says Dr. Miriam Hanson, a board-certified Dermatologist and cosmetic skin care expert in Austin, Texas.

Is The ViPeel An Option For Teens?

The ViPeel is great for teens who are experiencing issues with acne. The peel has been created to help treat a wide range of skin conditions in people of various skin types and age. It can also be helpful when trying to counteract the effects and marks left behind after the acne has ceased.

I Have Darker Skin, Will This Still Work For Me?

ViPeel is one of the few peels that works well with all skin tones. “Some chemical peels are restricted to certain skin types, but ViPeel can offer results to darker tones as well as light,” says Dr. Hanson. Dr. Hanson treat all patients of all skin types and backgrounds at Sanova Dermatology.

I Have Cold Sores, Is It Okay To Get A ViPeel?

As with other skin treatments, it is often advised to take a medication beforehand to suppress cold sores during the procedure. “Patients who have cold sores can experience a flare with chemical peels,” Dr. Hanson states. “Medication can help minimize the chances of a flare and allow a patient to have the benefits of the procedure.” Patients with active cold sores o other active infections on the skin should not undergo a chemical peel until the infection subsides.

Will This Effect My Botox Or Filler?

There should be no hesitation in combining ViPeel with Botox or Dermal Filler. Some physicians will separate the procedures by about a week. This allows the treatment area to heal appropriately.

Can I Use ViPeel On Other Areas Of The Body?Beforeandaftermichaelspicer

“Patients are not restricted to use of the peel for the face,” Dr. Hanson informs. Peels are also well known for use on the hands, chest, arms and back. This can help with tone and texture on areas that may have experienced any discoloration or have been affected by sun-damage.

The ViPeel can offer great results for a variety of conditions and skin types. Learn how the ViPeel works, and what it can offer to your skin!

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