What is the recovery time after blepharoplasty eyelid surgery

While minimally invasive injections and fillers are all the rage, bepharoplasty remains one of the most effective surgical techniques for eyelid rejuvenation. All too often though, the thought of surgery conjures up images of extensive bruising and bandages, as well as prolonged recovery times. Who can afford to miss work? How could you explain this kind of leave of absence. In truth, It generally takes only 7-10 days on average to recover from blepharoplasty surgery. Even more so, many patients claim eyelid surgery is really not a painful procedure at all. Patients can typically go back to work in 3 days (if they decide to).  Of course, you can expect some bruising after the surgery, but you should have no problem covering up with makeup within one week after the procedure. It is well recognized that skin healing time is somewhat longer for smokers. They strongly advise that patients stop smoking for at least 2 weeks prior to their surgery as well as after the surgery. This will speed up the recovery time. Remember to maintain a healthy, positive outlook and you should heal in no time. The results are worth it!

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