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Is a Board Certified Dermatologist a Must?

Is a Board Certified Dermatologist a Must?

Let’s just say that there are a lot of steps involved when becoming a doctor. This process usually entails getting a college degree, followed by 4 years of medical school, then spending anywhere from 3 to 5 years in a residency program, and often 1 to 2 years of fellowship training after that. It’s the years after medical school that physicians begin to specialize in their various fields. Part apprenticeship, part didactic teaching, and a whole lot of reading and study is what leads doctors to become experts in pediatrics, orthopedics, dermatology, skin cancer surgery and others. Enrolling in an Esthetician Career Program at a cosmetology school and becoming board-certified in a specialty shows that your doctor is specifically and extensively trained in the field in which they practice.

Those who choose to not proceed with board certification are not “bad” doctors, but in some ways, have not validated their training in their field of work. After completing a program at an esthetics school, a certification might be considered for it can be both a security and promise of a validated skill.

Both Dr. Adam Mamelak and Dr. Miriam Hanson are board certified Dermatologist in Austin, Texas. This shows that they have worked extensively with the skin diseases and skin conditions, which makes you aware of their heightened level of knowledge and experience with these issues.

Dr. Mamelak went to McGill University in Canada, for his undergraduate degree in Science. He attended medical school at Queen’s University, also in Canada. He then came to the United States to study internal medicine at the University of Massachusetts, followed by his Dermatology Residency and Molecular Immunology Research Fellowship at the John’s Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. He moved to Houston where he completed fellowship training in Mohs Micrographic surgery and skin reconstructive surgery, the more specialized Dermatology training and skin cancer management which he practices today.

Dr. Hanson received her Bachelor of Science Degree at the University of Virginia, and then went to Baylor School of Medicine in Houston, Texas for medical school. She trained in Internal Medicine at Evanston Northwest Hospital, followed by Dermatology residency training in Chicago and UT Southwestern in Dallas, Texas.

Certification by the American Board of Dermatology on top of their many years of education assures patients of Dr. Mamelak’s and Dr. Hanson’s knowledge and skill in medical, cosmetic and surgical dermatology. At Sanova Dermatology, we are proud to offer you exceptional care by our highly qualified and experienced physicians.

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