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Top 5 reasons to get a skin cancer screening

The American Academy of Dermatology recommends regular skin checks for good health and wellbeing for everyone. People of all ages and skin colors can be affected by skin cancer. Furthermore, by receiving a regular skin check this can increase your chance to catch skin cancer at an early and treatable stage. At Sanova Dermatology, Dr. Adam Mamelak has been recognized as a top skin cancer screener in United States.

Top 5 reasons to get a skin check:

  1. Ultraviolet Light – Been in the sun lately? You don’t have to have been at the beach or on vacation. This is Texas after all – you can’t escape the sun around here! UV rays from the sun damages our skin cells which can ultimately lead to skin cancer. Living in sunny climates, working or spending a lot of time outdoor certainly increases the amount of UV you get. However, UV light affects everyone. Whether it’s working in the yard, or driving in the car, we all get sun! The risk of UV light depends on how long you are exposed, the strength of the rays, and if you are protect by sunscreen and protective clothing. By regularly getting a skin cancer screening you can ensure your skin stays healthy.
  2. Skin Color – Fairer skinned individuals are at the highest risk for skin cancer. Individuals with darker skin types produce more melanin, the pigment in all of our skin, which protects against the effects of sun damage. While fair skinned individuals are at a higher risk for skin cancer, no one is immune to skin cancer. It is a myth that individuals with darker complexions don’t get skin cancer, which is why skin cancer is often found in these individuals at a later, less treatable stage. Therefore, it is important for everyone with all skin types to have a regular skin cancer screening.
  3. Age – Age is also a predictor for skin cancer. Older individuals are at higher risk for skin cancer than younger individuals simply because older individuals have been exposed to the sun for a longer amount of time. However, skin cancer is becoming prevalent in young individuals as it becomes increasingly popular to sun bathe in both tanning booths and outside. In fact, melanoma skin cancer is now 8 times higher in women under age 40 than it was 40 years ago! Both young and old alike need regular skin cancer screenings.
  4. Gender – This may be surprising but there is a gender effect in skin cancer. Men are more likely as women to have skin cancer. It has been speculated that men may spend more time in the sun than women. Furthermore, women are more likely to be conscious of their skin and may take more precautious measures than men in protecting it. Finally, many daily foundations women wear already contain an SPF which is an added measure of protection that most men do not have.
  5. Your Skin History – If you have previously had skin cancer you are at a much higher risk for being diagnosed with skin cancer again. Furthermore, if anyone in your family has had skin cancer it is essential to receive a regular skin cancer exam because you are at a higher risk for skin cancer than someone without family history of skin cancer. Finally, someone with numerous moles (more than 50) on their skin is at increased risk of developing skin cancer.

To get your skin checked and to learn more about preventative skin care from one of our board certified dermatologists, contact Sanova Dermatology today!