Who is at Risk for Developing Skin Cancer?

who-is-at-risk-skin-cancerLight-skinned individuals with fair complexions – light hair and eyes – are most at risk when it comes to skin cancer. Other at-risk individuals include those who typically burn, but don’t tan. People who have a history of significant sun exposure, experienced many sunburns during their childhood, or who live in sunny places or at high altitudes are also at risk. Those who have numerous moles or a personal and/or family history of skin cancer are at an increased risk, as well.

The greatest risk we know for developing skin cancer is UV (ultraviolet) exposure. People with a higher cumulative amount of sun and UV exposure – outdoor workers, distance runners, cyclists, gardeners, lifeguards, people who tan, etc. – generally incur more damage to their skin, which increases their risk.

Get to know your skin. Check your spots regularly by conducting a skin cancer self-examination. If you have a non-healing sore or a funny-looking mole – something that’s irregular in shape, multiple colors, large, or changing in any way – get it checked out.
Catching skin cancer early before it spreads and becomes a bigger problem is the absolute best strategy for managing these tumors. Sanova Dermatology continues to offer free skin cancer screenings for anyone who is worried about a mole or suspicious lesion on their skin.

If you would like to know about other potential skin cancer risk factors, or if you are interested in scheduling a free cancer screening or dermatology consultation, please contact our office today.

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