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6 Benefits of Consistent Chemical Peels

6 Benefits of Consistent Chemical Peels

A medium-intensity chemical peel is a procedure that utilizes acid solutions to assist in removing dead and damaged layers of skin. “This helps to reveal the more youthful and glowing skin that is present underneath,” explains Angie Pennington, licensed aesthetician and laser technician at Sanova Dermatology – Central Austin and Sanova Dermatology – Dripping Springs in Austin, Texas. This procedure can provide many benefits when performed by a certified, trained professional.

The following are some of the benefits that your dermatologist will likely discuss with you when you inquire about what a chemical peel can do for you:

Medium-Intensity Chemical Peels Are Very Safe: Adverse reactions to chemical peels are rare when done by a professional. Medium-intensity peels generally do not have any side effects other than some mild skin irritation, redness, and peeling. “It is always best to consult with your provider about the risks and benefits of a medium-intensity peel to decipher the safest option for your skin type,” Pennington urges.

Helps Control Acne: Chemical peels can assist with acne by removing the layers of dead skin that clog pores leading to the acne in the first place. Clearing these pores can lessen the appearance of existing acne by reducing inflammation and redness as the top layer of skin is removed.

Removes Blemishes: Medium-intensity chemical peels and above can be used to help remove blemishes such as scars or marks that are on the top layers of the skin. Getting rid of that skin will allow new skin that has grown underneath to be exposed and grow back in its place – minus the blemishes.

Can Reduce Blotchiness/Redness: “The top layers of skin are the ones that usually turn red so removing those layers to allow the fresher underside layers to be revealed and relieve blotchiness or redness that makes many people self-conscious,” shares Pennington.

Helps Fade Wrinkles: Revealing younger-looking skin helps refresh one’s appearance. It can also help fade or remove wrinkles that were present in the more aged layers of skin on top that were exposed to all the pollution, dust, and other free agents floating around in the atmosphere. Regenerated skin will ultimately look younger and can help many people take years off of their appearance.

Less Recovery Time: Most patients with any skin irritation, redness, or swelling only experience such symptoms for a few days. The recovery time is much faster than laser resurfacing or other procedures that can be more invasive and require much more “downtime” for the patient.

“Chemical peels can help you look younger and remove blemishes, acne, wrinkles, and sunspots without a lot of risks being taken by the patient. The recovery time is generally minimal and the treatment only takes 30 minutes or so,” states Pennington.

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