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When Will I Outgrow My Acne?

This is the question heard round-the-world. When will I outgrow my acne? Well, we have an answer for you: It’s different for each person!

Acne at Different Ages

Acne (unfortunately) is not restricted to any age. “We always think of acne as something we have to go through in our teens,” says Dr. Adam Mamelak, board-certified Dermatologist, in Austin, Texas. “Almost like a right of passage.”

“We also often downplay acne in the teenage years, because of this,” continues Dr. Mamelak, “but very few people recognize just how much this can impact a teen’s life. Studies have shown individuals with acne don’t date as much, don’t participate in sports as much, and even don’t get as high grades as individuals without acne.” Seeing a dermatologist during this phase is therefore a good option – untreated acne can lead to permanent scarring and can have continual flare-ups.

Despite this, about a quarter of patients don’t start breaking out until after age 25. Patients can also continue to break out into their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and even later. “Acne is often linked with hormonal changes, which are very common in pre-teens and teenagers,” states Dr. Miriam Hanson, a Dermatologist and cosmetic skin care expert at Sanova Dermatology. “but adults, and women in particular, can have hormonal fluxes throughout their lifetime.”

“We are constantly going through a hormone balancing act within our bodies” states Dr. Hanson. These hormones, along with stress and outside factors including chemical reactions with make-up and facial products, can combine to leave your skin a bit traumatized. “There are some people who are also innate acne formers. People with oily skin and sticky skin cells can develop acne throughout their life.”

This may be a little disconcerting, seeing as how acne can be very detrimental to your appearance and your self-esteem.  The good news is there are a number of treatments available to treat this condition. “A dermatologist can help identify the underlying cause and come up with an individualized approach and treatment to keep acne under control, no matter what your age,” explains Dr. Mamelak.

What Can You Do?

There are several options that you have when it comes to Acne. It is a very sensitive subject, and each person is effected by different factors.


  •  Try a new product – There are certain products that are available that are meant to help your skin fight off the effects of acne. A gentle exfoliant is able to remove the damaged skin cells and give the body a chance to replace them with fresh, new ones.
  • Invest in a Night Cream – You are also able to invest in a good night cream, which can offer your skin a boost in proteins, that facilitate the renewal of healthy new skin. A great night, cream that we love, is NEOCUTIS® Bio Cream.
  • Try a Chemical Peel – A chemical peel can help you reach your goal of a clear face by strategically removing the layer of bad skin, then allowing your face to heal in a more even way. This also allows for your skin to avoid the clogging of pores with past skin remnants.
  • Visit a dermatologist! “Seeing a dermatologist is perfect when dealing with stubborn acne” adds Dr. Hanson. “Dermatologists are able to help you come up with a regimen that works for you and your skin.” They are also able to help you discover what is natural and what may be caused by other skin conditions including rosacea or eczema.

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