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Getting Tighter Skin Without A Facelift: What Are Your Options?

Getting Tighter Skin Without A Facelift: What Are Your Options?

When it comes to aging skin, there are a few changes in our appearance that seem to cause the most issues. “Wrinkles are often listed as the top concern, with crow’s feet, lines around the mouth, and forehead wrinkles being the major culprits,” explains Dr. Miriam Hanson. “This is probably followed close behind by age spots and uneven skin tone.”

Sagging skin is another common complaint as well. In fact, of all the signs of aging, it is probably sagging skin that ages the face the most.

Wrinkles and age spots are a problem, but sagging skin can cause the face to look tired and old before its time. “The skin loses that youthful plumpness and firmness,” shares Dr. Hanson. This is often most visible along the jaw line and neck, as well as around the eyes.

What Can Be Done?

In the past, the only real remedy was a facelift, but this is an expensive and invasive procedure and many patients feel the downtime is too much for their busy schedules. “Many patients are also looking for a more natural-looking and gradual approach to rejuvenation, and something less drastic than surgery.

Topical creams and serums have come a long way, and have some effectiveness in tightening up the skin. “Products that contain Retinol, alpha hydroxy acids and copper peptides do make a difference, especially when used over time,” Dr. Hanson states.

As for procedures, laser resurfacing is your best bet. Laser procedures can address the basic problems of aging skin, including sagging. Laser treatments can target the skin on the face and neck, as well as other places on the body, tightening skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and uneven skin tone. There is little downtime for laser treatment, and the process requires no anesthesia or surgery. Results appear over a period of a few weeks.

According to experts like ICT Eye – skin tightening, laser treatments can be complimented with other anti-aging procedures, such as PDO threads in Greenville, SC. Fillers, in particular, can help restore lost volume to the skin, smoothing out deep fold and even providing a lift in the mid face. The combination of these treatments addresses multiple aging issues without surgery giving beautiful results.