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What is the best way to use Spray-on Sunscreen?

Spray-on sunscreen is a great way to protect your self from the sun, but there are a few unique things about these products that you need to remember to ensure you get the best protection.

  • Use more than you think. A number of studies have shown people under-apply spray-on sunscreen. In doing so, they don’t get enough protection and run the risk of getting a sunburn. While a shot glass full of sun screen is the recommended amount to cover the body, a shot glass of spray is harder to measure! So make sure you use enough to get good coverage! Dr. Adam Mamelak always advised patients to use 2 coats. “Spray it on, then spray it again!”
  • Sprays make application easy but you still have to rub it in to make sure you get optimal coverage.Sprays can concentrate in specific areas and leave other area unprotected.
  • Hold your breath! It is not advised to inhale sunscreen and when applying to the face. Spray a small amount in your hands and then rub it into cheeks, forehead and nose skin.
  • Close to a spark, flame, heating element, BBQ, bonfire or any other burning material is no place to apply sunscreen! Many sunscreen sprays are alcohol-based and the FDA has even issued warnings that sunscreens can be flammable.
  • Use it! Whether you’re a fan of sprays or love the lotions, sunscreens work when they’re on the skin, not in the bottle.  Dr. Adam Mamelak says, “The most effective way to use sunscreen is to put it on!”