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How Do You Treat Hand Dermatitis and Hand Eczema?

Hand Dermatitis & Hand Eczema

Itchy palms, peeling fingers, fissures and red flaky skin. Rashes on the hands usually result from a combination of (1) sensitive skin and (2) irritation or allergy from materials touched. Not everybody gets Hand Dermatitis (also known as Hand Eczema). Many lucky persons have “tough” skin, but unfortunately, some people have skin that is sensitive and easily damaged. The result is Dermatitis.

Treatment of Hand Dermatitis

Skin protection is crucial in the treatment of Hand Dermatitis. A few simple steps and lifestyle modifications can help protect your hands from these uncomfortable breakouts and rashes.

  • Water is a major culprit in the cause of Hand Dermatitis. Frequently washing the hands can pull natural and protective oils away from the skin, dehydrating the hands and making them more sensitive to chemicals and other substances in the environment.
  • Soaps, detergents, cleansers and scouring powders may be very irritating to the skin. To protect yourself from these irritants, wear nitrile gloves at all times when doing wet work.
  • You may also use rubber gloves. Unfortunately, rubber gloves are hot and it is common to sweat when wearing them. White cotton gloves (available in drug stores) can be worn under the rubber gloves, making them much more comfortable.
  • Wear water-proof gloves when peeling and squeezing lemons, oranges and grapefruits, peeling potatoes, handling tomatoes, and preparing salads, or handling other acidic foods.
  • Wear leather or heavy-duty fabric gloves when gardening or in colder weather. Dirty your gloves – not your hands! Keep a few pairs of cotton gloves around your house for dry housework. When they get dirty, put them in the washing machine – wash your gloves – not your hands!
  • When washing your hands, use lukewarm water and very mild soap or soapless cleanser. Wash your hands as little as possible. Rinse the soap off carefully and dry gently. All soaps can be irritating.
  • Rings often worsen Dermatitis by trapping irritating materials beneath them. Remove your rings when doing housework and before washing your hands.
  • Use moisturizers frequently. Any moisturizer which you like may be used. The thicker creams and greasier ointments are the best for locking moisture into the skin. Always apply moisturizer immediately after washing your hands.
  • One effective treatment for Hand Dermatitis is a steroid (cortisone) cream or ointment. The physicians at Sanova Dermatology can advise you which topical steroid is best for your condition and how to apply it.

Following these simple tips should improve your hands and make them feel better.  If you would like more information, or if you would like to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced dermatologists, please contact us today.