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Do Jade Rollers Really Work?

Do Jade Rollers Really Work?

Jade rollers have been popping up all over Instagram lately. The attractive green stone creates aesthetic photos, and celebrities and influencers are quick to rave about their benefits. But does this trend really work? The complex answer is yes and no.

What Are Jade Rollers?

Jade rollers are an emerging trend that many believe can have a variety of facial benefits. “From improving circulation and reducing puffiness to adding a relaxing touch to your skincare routine, many beauty gurus can’t stop talking about the benefits of this new beauty tool,” states Dr. Jennifer Vickers of Sanova Dermatology in Austin, Texas. These stone rollers, which also come in a pale pink rose quartz version, typically consist of a large and small stone roller that is designed to best fit various areas of the face and are joined by a handle.

Benefits of Jade Rollers

There are several ways that jade rollers may benefit your skin. “Jade is cool to the touch, which can help to reduce redness, puffiness, and stress,” mentions Dr. Vickers. “The roller’s slow, firm massage can also result in increased circulation and firmer skin over time,” she continues. Beauty experts generally recommend rolling upward and outward in order to achieve the best results, as well as to help minimize wrinkles years down the road.

Jade Roller Myths

Jade, rose quartz, and a wide variety of other stones and crystals have been said for centuries to carry various healing powers, such as stress relief and enhanced concentration. However, these claims have been largely debunked by several scientific studies. “At best, certain stones may result in a placebo effect, but don’t expect your jade roller to purify your body,” notes Dr. Vickers.

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Jade rollers can be an excellent addition to your self-care toolbox. Add one of these relaxing and aesthetically-pleasing tools to your beauty routine today, then contact Sanova Dermatology for more skincare tips and tricks!