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5 Ways To Rejuvenate On Your Lunch Break!

5 Ways To Rejuvenate On Your Lunch Break!

close up of business couple at coffee breakIt’s a fast-paced world we live in that doesn’t always offer an excess amount of time for relaxation or indulgence. Most of us take 30 minutes or an hour in the day to grab a coffee and take a breather. So the question is: did you know that there are multiple aesthetic procedures that you can enjoy over a lunch break?

  • Facials – A facial is a 30-45 minute procedure that is great for preparing the skin for rejuvenating procedures and getting your skin in its best condition. A strategic and thorough cleanse that removes excess debris and dull skin cells that can block pores – a perfect lunchtime refresher!
  • Chemical PeelSalicylic and glycolic acids are used to chemically exfoliate and accelerate skin cell turnover, leaving you with a fresher skin. Some peels can stimulate collagen production, assisting with  fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars, while other address discoloration and dull skin.
  • Botox – Truly, one of the quickest rejuvenating procedures out there. “Treatments like Botox and Dysport are used to smooth wrinkles and lines caused by repeated facial muscle movements,” says Dr. Miriam Hanson, board certified dermatologist and cosmetic expert at Sanova Dermatology. Deep furrows and lines of motion disappear with this simple procedure, eliminating creases on the skin with just a few tiny imjections.
  • FillerRestore lost volume to the face, soften slime lines, and strategically plump lips within minutes with a simple visit to the dermatologist. Whether your looking for subtle or full correction, dermal fillers can provide the youthful appearance your striving for.
  • CoolSculptingBody contouring has come a long way, now offering non-invasive treatments with minimal discomfort and great results. “CoolSculpting selectively freezes and destroy fat cells, which are then naturally removed them from the body,” explains Dr. Hanson. This procedure can be used on the outer and inner thighs, abdomen, flanks, chin and others. “Advancements in the CoolSculpting technology now allows us to eliminate 20 to 25% of the fat in a treated area in just 35-minutes!” With minimal to no discomfort, you can even catch up on work and emails during the procedure.

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