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CoolSculpting Launches New CoolAdvantage Hand-piece!

CoolSculpting Launches New CoolAdvantage Hand-piece!

cool2The CoolSculpting procedure offers patients the ability to strategically contour areas of the body through the process of cryolipolysis. This was originally discovered as an accident by a child who was found to have slimmer cheeks after enjoying popsicles. Sanova Dermatology has a long history of treating patients with this innovative technology and we are proud to announce the addition the newly designed CoolAdvantage treatment hand-piece.

What Sets The CoolAdvantage Apart?

So what makes the CoolAdvantage such a big deal? They have done some modifying and updating to their previous models in order to offer faster and smoother treatments!

Speeding Things Up – Who doesn’t want a bit of extra time for themselves? Treatment will now be a bit more chilly, as the new hand-piece has been crafted to reach a new lower temperature. This facilitates and new faster treatment time of 35 minutes, as opposed to the hour it took previously.

Time To Get Comfortable – The CoolAdvantage has also been redesigned to reduce discomfort by 45%. “Most patients who undergo the treatment tolerate it well, with little to no discomfort,” says Dr. Hanson. “Now, the chances of discomfort are even less!” This also assists in reducing the potential for bruising during treatment. “The cup in the hand-piece is now a bit wider and more shallow, meaning that the suction that occurs is a bit less steep and lowers potential for bruising.”

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Currently the hand-piece will only be offered for limited treatment types. Please contact us to find if this is an option for you!