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5 Reasons Getting Regular Facials Is Important!

5 Reasons Getting Regular Facials Is Important!

Most people wait until something is wrong with their skin such, as breakouts, brown spots, rosacea, fine lines and wrinkles, to get a facial. But did you know that getting monthly facials can help prevent these issues before they start? Prevention is the key to ensuring healthy skin and maintaining beautiful facial aesthetics.

Here are a FIVE reasons why you should be booking your monthly facial!

1. Go With The Flow

According to companies like, facials increase circulation of the blood under the skin, which helps to renew skin cells. They can also assist by decreasing puffiness, redness, and fluid accumulation by manipulating the lymphatic system and aid in detoxification.

2. Strengthen and Smooth

A good facial (and facial massage) can help smooth fine lines and promote collagen production, which is crucial in preventing premature aging, wrinkles, and sagging.

3. Debris Be Gone

It’s impossible to avoid environmental pollutants and free-radical damage. “We’re exposed daily to unavoidable toxins, UV rays and debris that cause damage to the integrity of our skin,” explains Amy Bowen, aesthetician and laser technician at Sanova Dermatology. Professional strength exfoliation like Chemical Peels paired with a facial effectively remove dead skin cells and promote cell turnover when done regularly. Over time, professional exfoliating methods can also help to diminish acne, facial scarring, pigmentation and roughness in the skin.

4. The Perfect Pair

Besides exfoliation, extractions are one of the most important parts of a facial. If you are experiencing blackheads or whiteheads, a skilled aesthetician can remove them more safely and effectively than you can at home. Once the pores are cleared out, you will notice an improvement in your complexion. You may want to continue steam and extraction treatments every two weeks until your skin has cleared. It’s also very important to follow up with the right products and a good at home skin care routine.

5. Anti-aging Assistant

Through exfoliation, massage, and promoting the absorption of nutrients and antioxidants, facials also help fight the process of aging. Facials slow the aging process and make your skin feel healthier, smoother, and more radiant.

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Amy Bowen is a certified Medical Aesthetician at Sanova Dermatology. Speak to Amy for makeup recommendations, beauty tips and to help individualize the optimal skin care regimen for you. Contact us today and let our professional staff and physicians help you with all of your skin care needs.