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What Is Full Correction?

What Is Full Correction?

sensual glamour portrait of beautiful woman model lady with fresh daily makeup with red lips color and clean healthy skin faceSome patients know exactly what they want when it comes to cosmetic procedures. Others think they might want to do something but aren’t exactly sure of their options. A cosmetic consult with a physician trained in aesthetics can help personalized a treatment to obtain your goals and set expectations.

When treating the face for fine lines and wrinkles with dermal fillers, or products like Dysport or Botox, there can be various levels of correction. “Full correction strives to deliver complete rejuvenation,” says Dr. Miriam Hanson, board certified dermatologist and cosmetic expert at Sanova Dermatology. “In these scenarios, I try to eliminate lines and folds, treat pigmentation, and fully address a patient’s cosmetic concern to the greatest degree possible, using the tools at my disposal.”

While it sounds appealing, full correction is not necessarily for everyone. “Some patients are simply looking to soften certain attributes of their skin,” says Dr. Hanson. “They want to look refreshed, well-rested, but not necessarily eliminate what they have.” As well, patients new to these procedures or timid about cosmetics may opt for modest correction, particularly if it is their first time. This approach will still deliver results, but leave room for additional touch up treatments if the patient wonders “what if?”.

Why would one want to maximize the amount of correction? “Patients will often notice that the results from these procedures last longer when opting for full treatment,” says Dr. Hanson. Some patients report quicker breakdown of their cosmetic products when their treatments are not optimized. By choosing full correction, it will ultimately minimize the frequency of treatments and can result in money saved over time.

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