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The Sanova Guide to Accutane therapy | Accutane & Pregnancy

The Sanova Guide to Accutane therapy | Accutane & Pregnancy

There are many things to consider before you decide to pursue Accutane treatment for Acne. Family planning is a significant consideration and female patients wanting to have a baby in the near future, or who are currently pregnant, should understand one of the primary risks of isotretinoin therapy.

Do I need to Use Birth Control While on Accutane?

“Accutane treatment has been directly associated with birth defects. This is probably what we consider the most significant side effect of Accutane therapy. It is required that all female patients use 2 forms of birth control during, and one month after their time on Accutane,” says Dr. Miriam Hanson, a board-certified Dermatologist in Austin, Texas. Many physicians consider abstinence to be an acceptable form of birth control. 

Can I Get Pregnant During My Treatment?

Pregnant young woman holding her bellyNo. It is not suggested to attempt pregnancy one month before, during, or one month after your course of Accutane therapy. Birth defects, premature birth and loss of the fetus have all been reported in women who get pregnant while on Accutane. It is best to avoid pregnancy entirely while on your medication for your health, and your child’s. If you do become pregnant while taking Accutane, stop treatment immediately and consult your doctor. “If ever, this is the time to be diligent with your birth control. It will guarantee a successful treatment for your acne, and a healthy baby in the future!”

What Should I do If I Get Pregnant While Taking Accutane?

Immediately contact your doctor. They will then contact The iPledge Program to make sure that you are given the best information possible to help you and your child stay safe. You should also consult with a physician who specializes in high-risk  pregnancies, as it is not recommended to become pregnant during your Accutane treatment.

When Can I Get Pregnant After Stopping Accutane?

“It is extrememly important to ensure sure the medication clears your system before attempting pregnancy,” explains Dr. Hanson. It is recommended that you wait one month after discontinuing your Accutane treatment before you consider pregnancy. 

My male partner was taking Accutane when I got pregnant. What is the risk?

The current data does not show that a fetus is at risk if a woman gets pregnant by a man taking isotretinoin.

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