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JUVÉDERM® is a dermal filler – a smooth gel that your healthcare professional places just below the skin. It restores volume and natural-looking contour to your face while improving the appearance of wrinkles around your nose and mouth. A local anesthetic is usually administered with the filler to ensure you are comfortable during the brief treatment. Results can last up to a year.Juvederm

Your skin naturally contains hyaluronic acid, a sugar that attracts water giving the skin its plumpness and creating volume. As we age, we all lose the amount of hyaluronic acid in our skin causing our faces get more angular, smile lines around the mouth become more prominent, and the corners of our mouth begin to droop and turn down. Our cheeks also drop with time, creating hollows around the eyes and temples

JUVÉDERM® Procedure

JUVÉDERM® restores hyaluronic acid in the skin, softening these creases and eliminating hollows to produce a long-lasting, refreshed appearance. The Hylacross™ manufacturing technology ensures a smooth-textured gel that does not break down quickly, in several formulations for moderate to deep creases.

JUVÉDERM® is not just for the cheeks and mouth. It can be used to correct scars, treat earlobe creases, rejuvenate the backs of the hands, and more.


The trained, experienced staff at Sanova Dermatology will conveniently perform your JUVÉDERM® treatment at their Austin, Texas skin care center. At your first session, the doctor will examine your skin and discuss your medical history. The injections themselves take only a few minutes, with minimal or no downtime. The physicians will explain possible side effects such as redness, swelling, bruising, or mild discomfort. These are minor and temporary.

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Do you want to look as young as you feel? Smooth, natural-looking rejuvenation can be just JUVÉDERM® treatment away. Contact our dermatologists today for a consultation.