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Isolaz Acne Light Treatment in Texas & Louisiana

Those who have tried acne treatment options, like Tretinoin or Accutane, and have received little benefit may find better luck with a treatment like the Isolaz acne light treatment.

What Is Isolaz?

Isolaz is a laser treatment that combines vacuum technology with broadband light to deeply clean your pores and purify the skin. This acne treatment is able to assist your condition without the requirement of medications or other invasive treatment options.

What Types Of Acne Can Isolaz Treat?

The Isolaz acne treatment has been FDA cleared to treat a wide scope of acne. Whether it be comodonal, cystic, or pustular acne, this innovative dual treatment can assist with mild to moderate inflammatory acne.
This deep pore cleansing also useful to those who experience the occasional breakout.

Isolaz Acne Light Treatment in Pflugerville, TX

Is The Isolaz Acne Treatment Right For Me?

It is always suggested to consult with your physician about which treatment options for mild to moderate acne are right for you. The treatment is great for teens and adults, as acne does not discriminate based on age or gender.

Is The Treatment Safe For All Skin Types?

The broadband light, which breaks down the acne bacteria within the skin, and the vacuum are safe for the treatment of all skin types.

Is This Treatment Painful?

The vast majority of patients note that there is no pain associated with this treatment. Some mention the feeling of “pressure”, which is associated with the suction of the vacuum. The light emitted is only known offer warmth to the skin.

Where On The Body Can You Be Treated?

Typically patients are treated for facial acne, as it is the most common form, but the Isolaz acne treatment system is able to treat acne found on various areas of the body, including the chest and back.

How Long Will The Treatment Last?

A typical facial treatment will take 15-30 minutes. Other areas of the body may take longer due to the size of the the treatment area.

Is There Downtime With This Treatment?

The patient may experience redness from the combination of the vacuum and light exposure, but this will not impair you from continuing with your daily activities.

Will The Treatment Guarantee Me Relief From Acne?

There is no way to completely guarantee that you will see improvement with any acne treatment, which includes the Isolaz acne treatment system. With that said, many do notice an improvement of their condition after the treatment. It also pairs well with oral treatments, as it can treat the condition from the outside as the oral addresses the problem internally.

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