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Mini Excision in Texas & Louisiana

At Sanova Dermatology, we pride ourselves on delivering top-tier skin care through a combination of experience, education, and advanced technology. Our team of highly experienced physicians are dedicated to providing mini excision treatment for acne. We have convenient locations across Texas, including Houston, Pflugerville, Austin, Bee Cave, and Dripping Springs. We also serve Louisiana with locations in Metairie, Old Metairie, Uptown New Orleans and Baton Rouge.

Acne scars that are very deep “boxcar” scars or raised are sometimes best treated surgically. Although a number of other treatments may help diminish the abnormal coloring and texture of the scarred area, a procedure known as “mini-excision” can provide more dramatic improvement for certain individuals.

Unlike subcision, which releases the connective bands pulling a scar down below the even skin surface, mini-excision addresses the scar from above by removing the entire scarred area of skin. The best types of acne scars that mini-excision can help with are those that are relatively small and localized as well as those that are particularly deep or raised, since these may not always respond well enough to other treatment approaches.

Mini Excision

If you are considered a good candidate for mini-excision, your dermatologist will help you understand what to expect, detailing the minor surgical procedure as well what your recovery may entail.

Mini-Excision Procedure

To begin your mini-excision procedure, the area to be treated will be numbed to ensure you experience minimal discomfort throughout the quick process. Your dermatologist will then completely excise your scar with a special tool. Once the damaged skin is removed, the edges of the remaining healthy skin will be carefully closed with stitches.

The final line left behind is far less noticeable than the original scar, which has been completely removed. Once the skin has healed, there will only be a small line left behind from where the stitches were placed. If you are interested, this subtle scar resulting from mini-excision can be treated with other techniques to help diminish its appearance. This line that was strategically made in healthy skin is much easier to reduce than deep or raised acne scars.

Depending on the characteristics of your acne scarring, as well as the extent of your skin damage, your dermatologist may recommend combining the mini-excision procedure with additional treatment options to help you achieve optimal results. More details regarding the best solutions for your acne scars will be discussed during your consultation, when your dermatologist will create a customized treatment plan based on your unique needs.

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