Scar Revision

When your skin suffers any type of injury, your body heals the wound with fibrous tissue formed of collagen and proteins forming a scar.

Scars come in different shapes and sizes ā€“ discolored red bumps, stretch marks, deep pockmarks or ice-pick holes from acne, sunken divots, keloids, or even shiny raised ridges at the sites of surgery. Hair usually will not grow from a scar, and scar tissue doesn’t tan normally or permit sweat glands to function in that area.


While scar is part of nature’s healing process, some scars are cosmetically unpleasing and may arise in an area that you find unattractive. Advances in dermatology and cosmetic surgery offer some amazing treatments to revise your scars appearance.

  • Ointments and pressure dressings
    Petroleum or dimethicone salves speed healing and minimize scarring. Silicone treatments increase hydration during healing. Pressure garments are used for large areas, such as burns, to reduce scarring.
  • Vitamins, botanicals and cosmeceutical preparations
    A number of supplements, taken by mouth or placed on the scar with a topical preparation, can fade discoloration and improve the appearance in some scars.
  • Steroids
    Topical creams can often help thin out thick or hypertrophic scars. Injections with steroid medications can also flatten and soften some types of scars.
  • Laser therapy
    Different laser and light devices heat the skin and redistribute collagen to smooth scars.
  • Dermabrasion
    Removal of the outer layers of skin refines the appearance of shallow facial scars.
  • Chemical peels
    Chemical Peels are a controlled method of using specific acidic solution derived from natural fruits to remove top layers of skin, refining scars.
  • Fillers
    Injections of dermal filler can improve the appearance of indented scars.
  • Surgery
    Scar revision surgery involves excision ā€“ cutting the scar out ā€“ with reconstruction and controlled healing of the new wound. Anesthetic keeps the patient comfortable throughout the procedure, which is usually performed at the doctor’s office.

Talk with the professionals at Sanova Dermatology about your concerns. They’ll listen to your goals and explain your options. Together, you’ll create a scar revision program customized to your needs.

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