Sebaceous Hyperplasia

Yellowish bumps on the skin may be a sign of Sebaceous Hyperplasia.

Sebaceous Hyperplasia literally means spots which are caused by enlargement of the oil glands. These are generally yellowish bumps, sometimes with a central small depression which usually occur on the face in otherwise healthy people. These bumps are completely benign and are not harmful to one’s health.

Sebaceous Hyperplasia spots usually occur on the face – frequently the forehead.


We do not know the cause of these spots. They tend to occur more commonly in people with oily skin and they are due to enlargement of the oil glands of the skin. The reason this enlargement occurs is not, however, known.

There does tend to be an inherited tendency to these spots. That is, they can run in families. There is absolutely no medical significance to these spots at all – that is, they never become malignant and never turn into skin cancer. They are purely of cosmetic significance.


Because these spots have no potential to develop into skin cancer, they can be left completely alone. However, if there is ever any question, your dermatologist might perform a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis.

If they become a cosmetic concern, they can be removed surgically, with a laser or with an electric needle (eletrodesiccation). Removal of any skin lesion may lead to some small mark.

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