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Eyelid Rejuvenation

We all age in different ways and often the eyes tell more than we’d like. If you feel you look stern, sleepy, or just plain older than you feel, talk with the cosmetic professionals at Sanova Dermatology. They’ll explain how eyelid rejuvenation can improve the appearance of:

  • Extra folds from loose, sagging skin above the eyes which change the contours and can impair vision.
  • Puffy upper eyelids caused by fatty deposits.
  • Bags under the eyes that make you look tired.
  • Fine wrinkles and excess skin below the eyes that really age your face.
  • Lower lids that droop to show white below the iris.
  • Dark Circles
Eyelid Rejuvenation in Pflugerville, TX

Eyelid rejuvenation can be accomplished with a variety of techniques, allowing for a brighter more refreshed appearance. Topical creams, dermal fillers, BOTOX® Cosmetic, laser resurfacing and a minor surgical procedure called “blepharoplasty”, or an “eyelid lift,” can be used in both men and women to give a more well-rested and alert look. Eyelid rejuvenation can involve the upper eyelids, the lower lids, or both.

Eyelid Rejuvenation Consultation

During your consultation, our dermatologist will listen to your rejuvenation goals, and examine your face and eyelids to determine which procedure is best for you. Often, therapies are combined to give optimal results. Our physicians will ensure your skin and supporting tissues are suitable for eyelid rejuvenation. Be sure to tell the doctor if you have health conditions that affect your eyes such as glaucoma, detached retina, thyroid disorder, or diabetes, or if you are a smoker.

If a blepharoplasty is right for you, our physicians will talk to you about what to expect before, during, and following surgery, as well as potential risks. Eyelid rejuvenation is an exciting and important step, so we’ll be sure you have the facts.


Full results of your eyelid rejuvenation will appear as you heal, often within a few weeks. During the course of the year, further refinement is occasionally needed. The improvement from eyelid surgery is long-lasting with good skin care and sun protection. Although it cannot stop the natural process of aging, it corrects some conditions permanently.

Are you ready to flash those beautiful blues, browns, greens, or grays again? Then you are ready for eyelid rejuvenation from Sanova Dermatology.

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