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CoolSculpting in Pflugerville, TXIf you have struggled with stubborn, isolated pockets of fat in spite of vigorous diet and exercise, CoolSculpting® can target trouble areas including:

  •      Abdomen
  •      Back
  •      Flanks
  •      Inner thighs
  •      Hips
  •      Arms
  •      Neck & Chin

This FDA-approved body contouring treatment can serve as a non-invasive alternative to liposuction and surgery to reduce fat permanently. By cooling and eliminating targeted fat cells without harming the surrounding tissue you can reveal the body you’ve been working toward.

CoolSculpting® Procedure

To begin treatment, a suctioning device will be applied to the surface of your skin. As this device is passed over the skin, the fat cells will go through a cooling process called Cryolipolysis®. These cooled fat cells crystallize and are then eliminated from the body though the natural metabolic process. Depending upon the number and size of target areas, CoolSculpting® can typically be completed within one to two hours. Patients may experience some minor redness or sensitivity after treatment. However, since the procedure is non-invasive, there is no associated downtime and most patients return to their normal activities immediately. To optimize their results, some patients choose to undergo a follow-up CoolSculpting® treatment.

The CoolMini™ for Double Chin Reduction

By utilizing a smaller, curved applicator – known as the CoolMini™ – our dermatologists can specifically target unwanted fat in smaller areas, such as underneath the chin. When used to treat the cosmetic concern of a double chin, you can achieve a more contoured profile with just two to three treatment sessions. Since the CoolMini™ uses the same technology as CoolSculpting®, the procedure is non-invasive, and there is generally no downtime required.

The CoolAdvantage™ for Rapid Treatment

The CoolAdvantage™ applicator reduces CoolSculpting® treatment time nearly in half. This is achieved by using lower temperatures to treat the target areas. A typical session using the CoolAdvantage™ can be completed in 35 minutes. According to a clinical study, the applicator has shown to increase patient comfort by 45 percent, which is especially significant considering most patients report CoolSculpting® as very tolerable already. In addition to its accelerated treatment time, the CoolAdvantage™ comes with multiple cup design options to better contour to specific areas. The CoolFit Advantage™ can form to the inner thighs, the CoolCore Advantage™ is ideal for the abdomen, and the CoolCurve+ Advantage™ can optimally treat the flanks.

CoolSculpting® Results

As your body begins to metabolize the crystallized fat cells, you can notice your figure becoming slimmer and more toned. Your results should continue to improve over the next two to three months. At that time, you can see the final results of your CoolSculpting® treatment and enjoy a more contoured figure.
CoolSculpting Before and After Pictures Pflugerville, TX

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