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Atypical Nevus/Dysplastic Nevi

Moles are considered dysplastic if they have abnormal features when they are examined under the microscope. The presence of a dysplastic mole may put an individual at increased risk for developing skin cancer.

On the skin, dysplastic moles can have the following characteristics:

  • The moles are larger than the moles and an average person.
  • The moles are irregular in:
    • Color – Frequently there are various shades of tans, browns, blacks, and reds
    • Outline – Frequently the moles are irregular in outline and may be jagged
Atypical Nevus/Dysplastic Nevi

When looking at your skin for atypical moles, check and see if your moles have: Asymmetry, irregular Borders, multiple Colors, a Diameter greater than 6mm (the size of a pencil eraser), or any other Evolution or change. It should be noted that these ABCDE’s of atypical nevi are the same screening criteria used to find melanoma cancers on the skin.