The iPLEDGE Program for Accutane Treatment

There are few important steps that need to be followed in order to successfully obtain and maintain your Accutane treatment regimen. To start, all patients must enroll in the iPledge program, which is designed to help keep you organized and informed throughout the treatment process.

What is the iPledge Program?

Ipledgeprogram.com_screenshot (1)The iPledge Program is a national registry for all patients prescribed isotretinoin in the United States. The program is designed to prevent pregnancy and other potential adverse effects while patients are taking the drug. All patients, both male and female, are required to register for this program in order to receive medication. All prescribing physicians and pharmacists that dispense isotretinoin are also required to register for this program. Verification of patient counseling and laboratory data is recorded in the iPledge registry during the course of treatment.

Can I Get Accutane From Places Besides My Dermatologist?

Theoretically, there are many places that one could acquire isotretinoin, but if not prescribed by your dermatologist it can be very dangerous. While it is extremey affective at treating and clearing acne, There are many tests and potential side effects as a result of taking the medication, and if you receive it from anyone besides a prescribing doctor you are putting yourself at risk.

Why Do I Need Check Ups While On The Medication?

ipledge2At each visit, your doctor will review the potential effects and ensure you are tolerating the medication well. Your lab tests will be reviewed and any abnormalities or concerning values will be addressed. You will be counseled how to use the medication properly. All of this is considered standard protocol for the iPledge program. At the end of your visit, as long as all your information is available and has been reviewed, you will be confirmed by the doctor in the iPledge Program and given a refill prescription. Refills cannot be given unless all of the above elements are recorded by the treating physician, as dictated by the iPledge Program.

Will My Doctor Check Blood Work while I am on Accutane?

You will have monthly blood tests done in order to make sure that you are staying healthy! Patients are monitored closely while they are on Accutane. Primarily, we check blood counts, liver function, cholesterol and pregnancy status in female patients. We want to make sure they do not have any problems or adverse effects.

 Can I Share my Accutane with a Friend or Family Member?

No. Your Accutane prescription should not be shared with anyone. If you have extra pills remaining after completing your treatment, we advise that you return these to the pharmacy so that they can dispose of them.

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