Fibrous Papule of the Nose

A new growth on the skin, especially in a sun-exposed area, should always be taken seriously. Nowadays, skin cancer is so common with 1 in 5 American developing these malignant tumors in their lifetime. For example, basal cell carcinoma is now the most common type of cancer that develops in humans, and the most common area affected is the nose and face.

If you see a new bump or sore that doesn’t heal, get it evaluated. Skin cancers will continue to grow. It is best to address the issue before a small problem becomes a big one.

However, not all bumps and growths on the nose and face are bad. Benign moles can appear on the anywhere on the body, including the nose. But another common skin lesion that has a predilection for the nose is called a fibrous papule.

You may have notice that small rounded and sometimes shiny flesh-colored, pink or slightly red bump on your nose. It may have been there some time, and you may not remember when it showed up. It is usually asymptomatic. It doesn’t grow or bleed, and many people bring it up more out of curiosity or because they want it removed for cosmetic reasons.

Fibrous papules are similar to other moles or benign lesions. Under the microscope, they appear to be composed of thick collagen strands and dilated blood vessels. These lesions appear during early adulthood. There is usually only one papule, although some people develop a number of lesions on the nose and face. Again, these bumps are firm, and should not bleed or have any skin breakdown.

Still, fibrous papules can be somewhat indistinct and mimic basal cell carcinoma. Biopsies of these lesions is often performed to ensure there is no skin malignancy present. They can also be excised for cosmetic purposes with a excellent aesthetic result.

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