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Restylane® Kysse

Here’s some exciting news for those of you who are looking for more kissable lips! The FDA has just approved a brand new filler called Restylane Kysse. This hyaluronic acid lip filler offers soft, mobile technology to enhance natural lip volume and minimize wrinkles around the mouth. 

Restylane Kysse uses XpresHAn Technology™ a.k.a. “Optimal Balance Technology” that is designed to be flexible and move naturally after being injected into the lips.  Lip augmentation is an in-office procedure that should be performed only by those trained in proper injection technique.  When performed correctly, patient-satisfaction is high with Restylane Kysse. There is no need to worry about looking artificial when you smile because Restylane Kysse is flexible and gives your lips just the oomph they need. 

Restylane® Kysse in Pflugerville, TX

In clinical studies, 87% of patients treated with Restylane Kysse showed lip fullness at eight weeks, while over 60% had lip fullness that lasted one year. This kind of longevity has not been seen with any lip filler to date. And if you are bothered by pesky lip lines around the mouth that make your lipstick run, Restylane Kysse can be used to smooth out these lines for up to 11 months.  And as an added bonus, Kysse improves lip texture and color for a fully rejuvenated look!. 

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