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How Does The ViPeel Work?

How Does The ViPeel Work?

It’s easy to say that a chemical peel will do great things for your skin. Improved tone, texture, acne scar and fine lines – we’ve all heard the claims.  But ever wonder what exactly is going into making these huge changes to your skin? Continue reading to discover the ins and outs of the ViPeel and what makes it a great option for your skin’s appearance and health.

What Is In A ViPeel & How Does It Help My Skin?

The ViPeel is specifically formulated with a number of agent and active ingredients to resurface and rejuvenate your skin. Some of these agents include:

  • Phenol – Helps to penetrate deep into the skin
  • Salicylic Acid – Offers cell turnover to induce renewal
  • TCA – Deplete dead skin cells
  • Tretinoic Acid – A Vitamin A agent that battles troublesome acne
  • Vitamin C – Fight free radicals that are caused by sun-damage.

Looking for an added boost? The Precision Plus Boost compliments the ViPeel by calming inflammation and redness while illuminating the skin. The unique combination of ingredients in the Boost helps to further brighten the skin, giving patient the most out of their peel.

  • Hydrocortisone – Soothing cream that helps with inflammation
  • Hydroquinone – Brightening agent that offers a more even complexion
  • Kojic Acid – Also for use with brightening the skin
  • Retinoic Acid – Awaken the collagen in elastin in the skin
  • Extra dose of ViPeel ingredients to boost your peel’s effects


Will It Hurt?

Many explain the feeling as a warm tingling sensation, which passes in under a minute. Discomfort is minimal and transient at best – a key feature that makes the ViPeel so attractive.

How Will My Skin Look After A ViPeel?

The skin will have a pink glow to it for about an hour or two after the procedures, but that will fade away. You will not experience peeling, only tightening, for the first two days after the peel. On the third day you can expect a bit of peeling around the nose and mouth areas. That will be followed by the whole face experiencing flaking, which will be finished around a week after treatment.

How Much Will I Peel?

Each person’s skin will react differently to the peel. The average peeling can be noticeable, but those who have undergone many peels may experience less peeling. Similarly, if this is your first chemical peel, noticeable flaking in the week following the procedure is commonly reported.

How Many ViPeels Will I Need?

You will see noticeable changes with your first ViPeel, but the effects of these treatments will be greater with each additional peel. A series of peels is often recommended to see optimal results. Patients are always able to purchase single peels, or look at cost saving packages for added skin benefits!

How Long Will Results Last?

The results of the peel really depend on the condition being treated. Conditions like melasma and acne can recur, especially if the underlying risk factors are not addressed or the condition is not completely treated. Those who are consistent with their skin care tend to see the most longevity from their peel.

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