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QWO: A New Treatment For Cellulite

Cellulite is a skin issue that affects nearly all women, and some men, too. While the severity and appearance vary between individuals, the underlying cause is the same – thin bands of tissue are pulling down on the skin from within, causing dimpling and surface changes. Unfortunately, few effective treatment options exist for cellulite, and those that are available are quite invasive, such as laser treatments, or only give temporary results. QWO is a promising new type of treatment that will be available to our patients starting this spring that may impact the future of how women view cellulite.

What Is QWO?

QWO is an innovative type of cellulite treatment that offers another option for women who have struggled to successfully minimize cellulite in the past. It contains an enzyme called collagenase that is used to smooth cellulite by dissolving the bands of tissue pulling down on the skin from within. A full QWO treatment consists of a series of injections that are given directly into each cellulite dimple to create a more uniform appearance of the skin. Although QWO will not be available to patients in most areas until this spring, it received a number of awards in 2020 that highlight its promise, including the Elle Future of Beauty Award and the Shape Beauty Award.

Is QWO Right for Me?

Like any type of cosmetic procedure, QWO should not be used if you are allergic to collagenase or any of its other ingredients. You should also discuss any other health concerns you have or medications you are taking with your dermatologist to determine whether QWO is right for you.

QWO is expected to be released in Spring of 2021.

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At Sanova Dermatology, we are proud to offer the most innovative treatment options available to our patients, and we can’t wait to add QWO to our arsenal this spring. Contact us today to learn more about whether QWO may be a good option for reducing or eliminating your cellulite!