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Employee Spotlight: Hello, Holly!

Employee Spotlight: Hello, Holly!

Holly, despite what she may lead you to believe, is the life of the party! She is great at her job, as well as a great asset to Sanova Dermatology’s daily morale. She offers great stories, anecdotes, and one liners that will have you laughing throughout the day. She brings her Jersey accent, attitude, and charisma to work daily. We are extremely grateful for her billing skills, as well as her working with us at Sanova Dermatology!PicMonkey Collage

What are your thoughts on your position at Sanova Dermatology?

I have been employed as a Dermatology biller for over 20 years. I hope that my experience is an asset to Sanova. I think the position that I fill is a crucial one.  Review the charts, make sure the charges are entered correctly, and submit the claims to various insurance companies for payment. I also sometimes have to “fight” with these insurance companies to make sure the claims are paid expediently and correctly. That;s an important thing, to keep the money coming in when trying to establish a new practice.

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Do you enjoy the atmosphere and people at Sanova Dermatology?

The atmosphere at Sanova is terrific! Fromt he appearance of the clinic, tot he staff, the providers, to the patients- it’s all stellar! I am not a morning person, but working at this office makes it easier to get  up and out of bed in the AM.

What would you say is your favorite part of working at Sanova Dermatology?

My favorite part about working at Sanova is that it gives me the chance to speak to human beings! I moved out here from New Jersey on my own, without knowing a soul in Texas. It is pretty quiet at home, so I am happy to get to work every day, and have at least one conversation with a REAL person. The people at Sanova are lovely, a lot of fun, and a pleasure to work with.

What are your thoughts on Austin as opposed to New Jersey?

I had been coming to Austin on vacation since 2005, and I always loved it. I have fun at the festivals, museums, traveling in the hill country, enjoying a few Shiners with some barbecue.  had some of those things in New Jersey, but on a smaller scale. I was living in Montclair, which is 14 miles from Manhattan, and on occasion I would make the that quick trip into the city. I loved Central Park, Broadway, the food, museums, the concerts, bumping into celebrities and pretending not to notice them. There’s no place like New York. Uh Oh! I’m getting homesick.

What is your favorite thing about New Jersey?

My favorite thing about New Jersey is the friends that I left behind. New Jersey gets a bad rap, but if you get lucky you can find some superstars living there. I was very lucky! I am trying to get them all to move to Austin!

Would you say that Jersey Shore offers a good representation of your home city?

“Jersey Shore” is not New Jersey at all. Everybody knows that most of those “actors” were from Staten Island or Rhode Island or some other non-Jersey island. Anybody who has ever lived in Jersey knows to never rent a beach house in Seaside (Sleaze-side). Who would go there when you can head South to Cape May, with its Victorian architecture and 5-star restaurants? Or to Island Beach State Park, a 3,000 acre wilderness that closes the gates after the small amount of parking spaces get full. You can bring your dog, build a fire, go fishing, and if you head out far enough, be the only one on the beach. Beautiful! “Jersey Shore” is an embarrassment. Now, if you want to talk about a TV show that portrays a New Jersey that’s closer to the truth, let me mention…… Tony Soprano!

Tell us a bit about your feline friends!

I have two 10 year old very handsome cats, Elvis and Vernon, who traveled out here with me. I am not a crazy cat lady, but those guys are like children to me. Except they rarely talk back, I never had to change a diaper once, and I don’t have to save for college tuition. What a deal!

What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

In my free time I like to wander around the local parks, either on foot or on my bike. I do not like to do so in 100 degree temperatures, so lately I have been sitting on my terrace, enjoying the occasional breeze, and reading my kindle. Unfortunately, i’m not burning as many calories that way.