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Employee Spotlight | Vivacious Veronica

Employee Spotlight | Vivacious Veronica

IMG_6929editVeronica is a treasured asset at Sanova Dermatology! Wherever we need her she gladly goes, offering many years of Dermatology experience and a great attitude! This medical assistant loves working with us at Sanova Dermatology, and we appreciate her just as much! Find out a bit more about what Veronica enjoys about Sanova and how she spends her free time.

What Do You Enjoy About Working At Sanova

The staff and providers are super sweet and very caring to their employees. They are also great with their patients, which makes work enjoyable.

What Previous Work Experience Did You Bring To The Office?

I worked at Austin Regional Clinic, in the Dermatology field, for 9 1/2 years.  It was a great experience and I gained a lot of knowledge while working in Dermatology and various specialties.

What Is Your Favorite Part Of Your Job?

Interacting with the patients is something that makes me really happy. I also enjoy the staff because we manage to keep things fun while being professional and attentive to the patients!

What Do You Enjoy Doing Outside Of The Office?

I have two children, a boy and a girl, and I love spending time with them. We like going to the park, swimming, and just relaxing with each other!

What Is Your Favorite Procedure Offered At Sanova Dermatology?

CoolSculpting is really exciting! I haven’t tried it yet, but I think that the process is really interesting and I definitely want to give it a try!

What Is Your Favorite Product?

Neocutis Exfoliating Cleanser! I’m addicted! It helps my skin stay soft and clear.

What Is One Skin Tip To Live By?

Always wear sunscreen regardless of the weather! Even on cloudy and rainy days you can still get a sunburn!