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Excision in Texas and Louisiana

Excision is a precise surgical procedure used to remove skin cancer and a margin of healthy tissue around it, ensuring complete eradication of the cancerous cells. At Sanova Dermatology, with numerous locations across Texas and Louisiana, we offer excision as a key component of our comprehensive skin cancer treatment services.

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What is Excision?

Excision is a skin cancer treatment option that involves the surgical removal of a skin lesion along with some of the normal skin around it. This margin of healthy skin is taken as a precaution to ensure all cancerous cells are removed, which can prevent the cancer from recurring. The procedure is typically performed under local anesthesia and often requires sutures to close the wound, with the excised tissue usually sent to a lab to ensure all cancerous cells have been successfully removed.

When is Excision a Good Treatment Option for Skin Cancer?

Excision is considered a good treatment option for many types of skin cancer, including melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, and squamous cell carcinoma. It is especially appropriate when the cancer is localized and has well-defined borders. Excision can be used for cancers that are deeper or larger, where other methods like electrodesiccation and curettage (ED&C) might not be suitable. The suitability of excision depends on several factors, including the cancer’s type, size, depth, and location, as well as the patient’s overall health and medical history.

What are the Benefits of Excision?

The main advantage of excision is its ability to completely remove the cancer with a high degree of certainty. It provides a clear and quick assessment of the margins, ensuring all cancerous cells have been excised. This method also allows for the direct examination of the removed tissue, offering further reassurance that the treatment has been successful.

What is the Excision Recovery Process Like?

Following an excision procedure, patients may experience some discomfort and require stitches, which are usually removed within one to two weeks. The recovery time can vary based on the size and location of the excision but is generally quick, with most patients resuming normal activities soon after the procedure. Sanova Dermatology provides comprehensive aftercare instructions and support to ensure effective healing and to minimize any potential for scarring.

What is the Success Rate of Excision?

Excision has a high success rate for completely removing localized skin cancers, particularly when clear margins are achieved. For basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas, the success rate often exceeds 95%. The technique is highly effective for treating melanoma as well, provided it is detected and treated early.

How Much Does Excision Cost?

The cost of excision can vary based on several factors including the size and location of the cancer, the complexity of the procedure, and the number of treatments required. Sanova Dermatology customizes each treatment plan to the patient’s specific condition, which will be outlined and discussed during a personal consultation. At this time, we will be able to provide you with a transparent explanation of all costs associated with your treatment. We accept most major insurance plans and also offer financing options to ensure that our treatments are as affordable as possible.

Contact Sanova Dermatology

If you are exploring treatment options for skin cancer, excision may be an effective method worth considering. We invite you to contact Sanova Dermatology at one of our locations in Texas or Louisiana to schedule a consultation. Our experienced team is ready to assess your condition, answer any queries, and provide the safest and most effective treatment options tailored to your individual needs.