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Top 5 Tips on How To Remedy A Sunburn

Top 5 Tips on How To Remedy A Sunburn

“Prevention is the best way to handle a sunburn, but life happens, and sometimes you find yourself exposed to the sun to the point where you have to deal with the uncomfortable nature of a sunburn,” shares Selina Santos, certified physician assistant at Sanova Dermatology in Austin, Texas. Here are some tips on how to cool the burn and help your skin heal.

Cool Baths or Showers

One of the first ways you can get relief from the pain of your sunburn is by taking a refreshing bath or shower. “The cool water can help to take the sting out of your skin,” explains PA Santos. Be sure to not rub the surface as this can cause more damage. It’s best to pat yourself mostly dry. “You don’t want to remove all of the moisture on your skin as you can lock it in by applying lotion on top of it,” she continues.

Reach for Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has been known for a long time to help calm burns and applying lotion or aloe vera gel to your sunburn can be beneficial. “Not only will it help to make your skin feel better on the surface, but it also helps to aid in the healing,” says PA Santos.

Stay Hydrated

Not drinking enough water after a sunburn can make your skin feel even drier. Keeping yourself hydrated will help your skin retain moisture.

Medicate Yourself

The pain of the sunburn may not seem like something you need medicine for, but it can be beneficial. “Not only will you get pain relief from over the counter ibuprofen or aspirin, but it can assist in reducing any inflammation,” suggests PA Santos.

Pamper Your Skin

You’ll want to give your skin extra pampering when recovering from a sunburn. Allow blisters to heal safely. Wear soft and loose cotton clothing that doesn’t rub against your healing skin. “Don’t pick or peel the dead skin off as this can damage the healing skin,” PA Santos warns.

The best prevention is protecting yourself with a good quality sunscreen.  Make sure you use SPF 30 or above and try to use sunscreens that have a physical as well as a chemical barrier.  If you can’t find one that you like, your Dermatologist will be able to make a better recommendation based on your need and skin type.  Remember, sunscreen that is in makeup is not sufficient for adequate protection.

Sunburn is never fun to deal with thanks to the pain and discomfort, but these remedies can help you heal. Next time you head outside be sure to cover up and wear sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun and reduce your chances of skin cancer.

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