How To Treat Underarm Sweat

Antiperspirant not working? Our Austin dermatology practice offers an innovative treatment designed to permanently eliminate excessive underarm sweat. Read more.Though everyone sweats, a certain percentage of the population has sweating in the underarm area that leads to skin irritation, clothing stains, and, oftentimes, undue embarrassment. This can occur in patients who sweat in excess and suffer from a condition known as underarm hyperhidrosis, but also in patients who sweat at normal levels. For many patients, antiperspirant does not offer an adequate solution. Fortunately, our patients at Sanova Dermatology can now benefit from a new treatment for underarm sweat called miraDry®.

By using the power of electromagnetic energy, the FDA-approved miraDry® system can actually eliminate the sweat glands in and around the underarm area that cause sweat. This non-invasive procedure takes only about one hour for our experienced dermatologists to complete, and the results are considered permanent. Since the body contains millions of sweat glands, the elimination of underarm sweat glands does not impact the body’s ability to moderate your core temperature. In addition, miraDry® has proven to be effective for patients of all skin types.

With zero incisions and little to no downtime, our patients have found miraDry® to be the solution they have been searching for, and typically experience an increase in their overall quality of life. miraDry® can permanently resolve underarm sweating and hyperhidrosis, while helping you feel more comfortable and confident.

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