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How Can I Get The Best Results from Laser Hair Removal?

How Can I Get The Best Results from Laser Hair Removal?

Is there any way to improve your chances of getting the results you really want with laser hair removal? Actually, the results of laser hair removal often vary greatly from person to person, as they depend partially on which area of the body or face was treated, as well as how many treatments the patient elects to do.

First and foremost, the areas being treated need to be protected from UV radiation and the effects of sunlight. For example, if you are treating the face your dermatologist may recommend daily sunscreen and avoiding excessive sun exposure. This will help minimize the chances of adverse effects and allow for better laser hair removal sessions.

Certain areas of the body will usually require additional maintenance as they are more difficult to keep completely smooth with laser treatments alone. This is often due to the thickness of the hair present, the hair and skin color, and how quickly it regrows under normal circumstances. As such, these areas will require more than others to achieve the same look. Your dermatologist should be able to inform you of any areas like these during your consultation and suggest specific ways to improve the results.

Multiple treatments of Laser hair removal in Orlando, FL will go a long way toward giving you the results you’re likely looking for. More often than not, one or two treatments will not be enough to stop hair growth for very long. Stopping hair growth for up to several years at a time is possible after multiple treatments, but regrowth is always possible. Hence why I prefer the term laser hair reduction instead of permanent hair removal. Most commonly, between four and six treatments are needed to see lasting results. These are spaced around six weeks apart to allow for proper recovery time. Additional maintenance treatments may also be needed and are often done every six or twelve months, depending on the patient.

Keep in mind that not all skin and hair types are treated with the same laser, and certain skin types are more prone to potentially permanent and scarring adverse effects. For this reason, I recommend finding a board-certified dermatologist and discussing all of your options. You might also want to check out sites like for more information about laser hair removal and other cosmetic procedures.

Are you interested in knowing if laser hair removal services are a good option for you? You may visit an expert in Laser Hair Removal in Los Angeles today for a consultation!