Can I Permanently Eliminate Underarm Sweat?


Underarm sweat can cause a number of issues, including discomfort, embarrassment, sweat stains on clothing, and skin irritation – particularly during these hot summer months. For some of our patients at Sanova Dermatology, deodorants, antiperspirants, and even prescription solutions do not effectively combat these common concerns. If you feel you experience excessive underarm sweating on a regular basis, you may have a condition known as underarm hyperhidrosis. While this condition is not dangerous, it can negatively impact your quality of life and lower your self-esteem in public situations. To eliminate all of the hassle associated with excessive underarm sweat, our experienced dermatologists may recommend the innovative treatment called miraDry®.

miraDry® is designed to permanently shut down the sweat glands of the underarms that are the root cause of excessive sweating. This non-surgical procedure can also deliver instant results and dramatically change your day-to-day life with little to no recovery time. The entire procedure can typically be completed by our dermatologists in about one hour, and allows you to immediately return to your normal daily activities without the worry of underarm sweat. To learn how you can benefit from this innovative procedure, please contact us today.

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